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Frances Conn Studies

Quite briefly – ‘ that’s a change’ do we hear you cry? – Frances Conn had some photos taken for her web and this is her favourite:

Wedding Storybook

 Hullo everybody, Lolapix thought you might enjoy viewing the coffee-table wedding storybook of another happy Bride & Groom – and look; we’re even turning the pages for you! How cool is that?!  prrrrrrrrrr…    

New Look Web Site

Hullo Everybody, At last, after a spell of seeming hibernation, the new look web site, > has emerged – is it too fanciful to liken it to a butterfly (like this Orange one) emerging from its chrysalis???? Anyway, lolapix, my associate, and I both hope you will find it informative and sometimes entertaining also, and […]

It’s a Mog’s Life

Hope you’ll enjoy this video of a typically busy day for me – makes you wonder where I get the time to show Lolapix’s photos……purrrrrrrrr

Happy Bride & Groom

One of my assistant Lolapix’s Bride & Groom have sent this little message showing how much they liked the wedding pictures and album she created for them… time for another purrrrrrrr………

Wedding Story

lolapix thought you’d enjoy seeing this coffee-table book of a happy bride and groom…look, we’re even turning the pages for you….how handy is that?!… purrrrrrr….