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Frances Conn Studies

Quite briefly – ‘ that’s a change’ do we hear you cry? – Frances Conn had some photos taken for her web and this is her favourite:

St John’s the Evangelist, Parish Church, Old Coulsdon

Hullo everyone, Hope you’re all enjoying this early Spring weather…. Also to remark that St John’s Parish Church is very close to where my assistant lolapix and I are based (in fact there are tombstones at the bottom of the garden, to paraphrase the well known saying!)  – and if you’re looking for friendly information […]

Cool Cat!

Hullo Everybody, I thought now might be the time to reveal my identity as mogablog/ aka photomog/ coolcat etc. Yes, I know I’m a cat – I can tell because of my fur – but you will be surprised to learn that I have an appreciation of the visual image, especially of mice. My associate, […]