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Return of ‘Cool Cat’

Hullo everybody, In response to popular clamour, demand nay even acclaim! ‘ Cool Cat’ (aka Mogapix),has agreed to re-appear here in an encore in an attempt to show just how demanding it is for him to delegate the photography to his assistant (aka ‘Lolapix’) – As has been observed previously, it’s hard to know where […]

Babs & Brian Engagement Pictures

Babs & Brian got engaged earlier this year and celebrated with these engagement pics taken nr St John’s Church, Old Coulsdon. Their tale is a romantic one – Kiwi (Brian) meets the girl of his dreams at their workplace, and whisks her off to New Zealand for their wedding.  Take a look at the fun […]

New Look Web Site

Hullo Everybody, At last, after a spell of seeming hibernation, the new look web site, > has emerged – is it too fanciful to liken it to a butterfly (like this Orange one) emerging from its chrysalis???? Anyway, lolapix, my associate, and I both hope you will find it informative and sometimes entertaining also, and […]

It’s a Mog’s Life

Hope you’ll enjoy this video of a typically busy day for me – makes you wonder where I get the time to show Lolapix’s photos……purrrrrrrrr

Wedding Story

lolapix thought you’d enjoy seeing this coffee-table book of a happy bride and groom…look, we’re even turning the pages for you….how handy is that?!… purrrrrrr….

Old-fashioned romance

photomog thinks you might like something more warming to help get through the colder weather, like good old-fashioned romance…..