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HELP FOR HEROES Discount & Engagement Movie

Hullo again, Photomog has just observed that you might prefer to see a movie example of people (rather than himself/the boss) , so here’s an  engagement movie  made from your photos & your music,(or if you prefer what we can provide) from this little set.  This is typical of what is included in most packages (but it can […]

Your Unique Wedding Movie/Video

Hullo everyone, The warmer Spring-like weather prompts me to ask if you knew that when you honour LCMS  (lolaclarkmobilestudio) with your Wedding Photography, a unique movie/video of your treasured memories taken can also be created from the images taken. In fact this benefit is included in most of the packages available for no extra charge. […]

Return of ‘Cool Cat’

Hullo everybody, In response to popular clamour, demand nay even acclaim! ‘ Cool Cat’ (aka Mogapix),has agreed to re-appear here in an encore in an attempt to show just how demanding it is for him to delegate the photography to his assistant (aka ‘Lolapix’) – As has been observed previously, it’s hard to know where […]