Stay as young as you are

With Quality Portraits Where the Studio Comes to YOU

Lola Clark’s Mobile Studio service is a better way of capturing the likeness of you, your family, relations, children and pets, and the best way to reveal your individuality in the unique atmosphere of your own chosen setting.

The studio comes to your home and the portraits are created while subjects are relaxed in their own environment, thus saving the time, trouble and expense of an expedition to unfamiliar and impersonal surroundings.

The equipment needed to create a first class studio portrait is brought to your own living room or wherever you would like the pictures set – in the garden, perhaps at work or, to give another example, if you have a musician in the house, by the piano. Of course, if preferred a plain background can be provided. In the case of child studies or portraits of people in uniform or robes or other special clothing, what better way than in your own environment?

When you take advantage of LCMS, you will be assured of really high quality personal pictures you would be proud to own or also send to your relations, whilst saving yourself the time, trouble and expense of a journey to dedicated studio premises… and as an added bonus, you avoid parking problems!

Any occasion is a good opportunity for a professional portrait. Come and discuss your Portrait and Design plans – from portrait size to fabulous frame style, so that we can help you create the look YOU want.

Phone or text Lola on 01737 551306 or 07957 891844 or send an email to for more details, a quote and your FREE consultation.

We Don’t Just TAKE Pictures…. We CREATE them….