Wedding and Portrait Photography

St John’s the Evangelist, Parish Church, Old Coulsdon

Hullo everyone,

Hope you’re all enjoying this early Spring weather….

Also to remark that St John’s Parish Church is very close to where my assistant lolapix and I are based (in fact there are tombstones at the bottom of the garden, to paraphrase the well known saying!)  – and if you’re looking for friendly information – perhaps guidance on Baptisms, Weddings and other family occasions and events –  this is one excellent place to go….

Recently, the church suffered an appalling theft of copper from its roof, but is working on restoring it at least to a practical level (one that keeps out any bad weather…..)…

Time now to catch up on my own activities and have a catnap – even I sometimes wonder how to fit everything into my day so crammed with incident (kipping, licking, prowling, noshing, purring – who says only women can multi-task?),  prrrrrrrrrr