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Your Unique Wedding Movie/Video

Hullo everyone,

The warmer Spring-like weather prompts me to ask if you knew that when you honour LCMS  (lolaclarkmobilestudio) with your Wedding Photography, a unique movie/video of your treasured memories taken can also be created from the images taken.

In fact this benefit is included in most of the packages available for no extra charge.  Why not have your cake and eat it, with both a stunning album of your favourite images PLUS  your video of all the images with your choice of music etc….

[Another variation of course, is to have a CD with all your pictures, instead of an album. This is another example of how we can co-design your wedding photography].  All you need to do is Tel, Text or Email for details, a quote and/or your FREE Consultation Appointment.  (Tel:01737 551306 Mob:07957891844 or use our CONTACT Menu… 🙂

(Of course the movie does not have to be for a wedding, as you can see from ‘Cool Cat‘, (aka ‘Photomog’), which was also created from some ‘stills’ taken of him hard at ‘work’ with what we think is appropriate music “Minute Waltz”)…Take a peek and you’ll get an idea – in fact you might even like something similar for your  pet…(or if a cat, should that be ‘boss’?!)…purrrrrrrrrrr

Return of \’Cool Cat\’